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Get your house sold fast by doing these five easy improvements.

After selling 1500 homes in Southern California, I have learned that there are definitely five important things to get a house sold quickly. If you are considering listing your home, please go through the check list I've provided below. Most of these tips seem obvious, but day after day, I will bring clients to a house for sale and there are minor issues that will really "turn-off" buyers.  Putting in a little time and effort in getting your home ready to sell, pays off with a quicker sale and a higher price at closing.

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Top 5 Tips For Getting Top Dollar For Your Home

1) Thoroughly clean your home inside and out. This seems very obvious, but day after day I show homes (not my listings) where the owners do not clean. This puts buyers off right from the onset. If you expect to get the maximum amount from your home sale, then put in the time to clean the home from top to bottom. After the initial cleaning when you list your home, be prepared to clean prior to a showing. Clean and tidy homes sell faster and for more than homes that are dirty and untidy. It takes effort from both the listing agent and the owners of the home to get the maximum dollar amount, but having sold so many homes I've seen it over and over- a clean house sell for more, a messy house sells for less.

2) Get rid of clutter. Most buyers cannot see past a cluttered home. Buyers will imagine what their furniture and their belongings would look like in your home when they come to view it. Make it easy on a potential buyer, make the rooms as clutter free as possible. Take all the big items you don't need and put them in a box in your garage. If you have tons of framed photos of pictures, consider removing 75% of them, boxing them up neatly, and putting them somewhere out of the way. Make sure to patch any holes in the wall properly.

3) Detail your home. First impressions play a big role in getting a house sold quickly and for the maximum dollar amount. If you cannot afford to paint inside and out, you can just paint the front door, the front shutters, the trim near the front of the house or perhaps the garage door or around the garage if it happens to be in the front of the house. Clean up around the front of the house so that your home sparkles. The same goes for inside the home, if you do not have the budget to re-carpet or repaint the inside, paint a few small areas so they "pop" near the front entrance. Often times potential buyers will pick up on the new paint smell and this always gives a positive impression.

4) Plant flowers, boost landscaping. A quick trip to your local home improvement center will pay you back handsomely. Fresh flowers as you walk up to your home give potential buyers a great feeling about a house. Think of it from a buyers point of view, you've just looked at five other homes. What will stand out that could separate your home from the rest? Many times some minor landscaping in front of the home will really make it stand apart. It is a simple thing but I've seen it pay dividends many times. Plant some colorful flowers in any areas near the front door. If an area for flowers does not exist, get some pots and plants flowers near the front door of the home. In the backyard, do the same if budget exists. Either plants fresh flowers around the patio or BBQ area in the backyard, or get some beautiful potted plants to highlight this area. Remember, first impressions go a long way. Boost the "wow factor" of front entrance of your home and improve the look of the backyard in this very easy step.

5) Eliminate odors from inside the home.  This is a big issue for many potential buyers and one that many sellers don't even consider. You may love to cook with garlic, or may love your cat, but many buyers will be turned off by these odors immediately upon entering your home. Once you have "lost" a potential buyer, it is VERY difficult to win them over again on the home. When the potential buyers walk through the front door they should already be impressed with the touch-up paint and cleanliness of the front of the home, they should be feeling good after seeing the flowers near the front door and a freshly painted front door, now keep the positive emotions going by having these potential buyers smell a fresh, clean home. Believe me, it goes a long way. If you love your cat and to cook with garlic, either use Glade or another air freshener, light a candle or use a little Pinesol to clean around the front door. A clean smelling home gets top dollar. If you have become accustomed to these odors, have a friend or family member walk in the front door and have them tell you the first thing they smell. Get your home smelling great, it will pay off a quicker sale every time.

So if you do nothing else but follow these five rules, you should get more for your house and it should sell more quickly. If you want to discuss these and other ways to get the most for your home, please email me about interviewing to list your home - CLICK HERE TO EMAIL KATHRYN.

All The Best,
Kathryn Werner 

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